Group Learning That Boosts Confidence

GlobalEnglish Virtual Group brings together learners from different locations in a virtual classroom to extend their language and business skills learning through shared, collaborative experiences.

Highly qualified business coaches help learners improve their conversational skills in a collaborative environment that builds confidence as well as ability.

Diverse groups of professionals exchange ideas and discuss relevant business topics as they advance their ability to talk with customers, negotiate with clients and collaborate with colleagues.

Expert-led collaborative learning.

How It Works

Collaborative Learning

Virtual Groups extend the GlobalEnglish One experience with collaborative learning sessions, bringing together like-minded colleagues with a similar level of Business English proficiency. Groups come together online in a virtual classroom environment, hosted by highly qualified business coaches.

Pre-Class Preparation

Classmates receive a schedule of activities to complete on GlobalEnglish One in preparation for every group session. This leads to more-productive classes. Learners begin every session with a clear sense of what they want to achieve.

Productive and Business-Relevant Sessions

Group sessions naturally encourage collaboration, and with similar levels of proficiency, classmates help each other develop skills as they communicate. Coaches ensure that group discussions address the needs of every participant while building a sense of empowerment within the group.

Post-Class Reporting and Development

After each session, all classmates receive a personal report summarizing achievements and areas for improvement in the way they communicate. Alongside their report, learners receive a schedule of activities to complete on the One platform to further improve their skills and develop a more natural conversational style.

Key Benefits

Business-Led Learning:

Working with a business coach helps develop business skills as well as language learning.


Communicating as part of a group helps build the confidence needed to have business conversations with others at work and take on more responsibility.


Working together with the same coach through the entire program helps develop a sense of trust and accountability.

“Virtual learning meant I didn’t need to study in a classroom. I’d recommend this to anyone like me who works full time and has a family life, as you can easily fit learning into your daily routine.”