Accelerated Learning Across the Organization

GlobalEnglish Professional represents our premier learning and collaboration platform. Our comprehensive solution includes virtual classroom training and a personal online advisor to accelerate learning and productivity across the entire organization.

Interactive feedback programs complement a wide range of multimedia self-learning and productivity tools, while GlobalEnglish Dashboard provides administrators with real-time reporting and complete control over the entire organization’s program.

GlobalEnglish Advisor helps accelerate Business English learning with regular check-in meetings to provide personalized support, motivation and accountability.


How It Works

Business Content

Self-learning programs built around highly engaging multimedia content give learners the opportunity to develop relevant business skills and broaden their global knowledge as they improve their proficiency in Business English. 

Communication Skills

The latest engagement techniques deliver stimulating activities for learners at all levels as they practice and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Productivity Tools

GlobalEnglish Professional goes beyond language learning with a wide range of easy-to-use tools, such as email templates and cultural briefings, to boost productivity in the workplace.

On-Demand Learning

Talk with Teacher offers an interactive way to practice Business English with feedback from a teacher in a virtual classroom. Writing Practice & Feedback provides spelling corrections and style suggestions for written assignments.

Advice & Encouragement

GlobalEnglish Advisor provides the support of a dedicated personal advisor with in-depth knowledge of the One platform and expertise in the latest motivational techniques to keep every learner’s progress on track.

Program Management

GlobalEnglish Dashboard provides real-time reporting and program management with an intuitive interface, allowing administrators to track usage, analyze learner progress and optimize programs. Global programs can be rolled out in days with automated on-boarding processes for new learners. Our Customer Success team works with customers to determine appropriate key performance indicators, including productivity improvements, along with qualitative feedback from managers and learners, that allow them to assess their program’s ROI.


Key Benefits

“100% of staff reported that training was a worthwhile investment of their time.”

“Leadership surveys gave an 80% rating to improved customer satisfaction.”

Talk with Teacher gave me incredible confidence in talking with others.”

“Increased skills levels have been calculated to save employees 2.5 hours/week, over 51,000 hours/year!”