Structured, Self-Paced Business English Learning

GlobalEnglish Standard is our self-paced language learning and collaboration solution which includes core elements of our full-featured Professional solution.

Eleven different levels of multimedia self-learning tools provide engaging content for users at all stages of the learning process.

Learners gain access to language tools such as business templates, instant translations, and industry-specific words and phrases.

Collaborative learning and productivity tools.

GlobalEnglish Dashboard provides administrators with complete control over the entire organization’s program including real-time data on utilization rates and individual learner progress.

How It Works

Business Content

Learners experience direct access to a range of self-learning programs appropriate to their skill level. Activities employ highly engaging multimedia content giving learners the opportunity to develop relevant business skills and broaden their knowledge of global events. 

Communication Skills

Relevant business content blends with the latest engagement techniques to create stimulating activities for learners at all levels as they practice and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency in Business English. 

Productivity Tools

GlobalEnglish Standard reaches beyond language learning with a wide range of easy-to-use tools, such as email templates and cultural briefings, that deliver value when needed to boost productivity in the workplace. 

Program Management

Dashboard provides real-time reporting and program management with an intuitive interface, allowing administrators to track usage, analyze learner progress, optimize programs and evaluate ROI. Global programs can be rolled out in days with automated on-boarding processes for new learners.

Key Benefits

“Goals to improve global collaboration and increase customer satisfaction by developing business communication skills were surpassed.”

“Surveys showed an average 2.5 hours per week of productivity time improvement for employees.”

“We have many employees whose performance has improved dramatically with the help of the program and who have been promoted and recognized as a result.”

“Our Customer Success manager has been very helpful in implementing GlobalEnglish in our organization right from the start. He provided a lot of insight into various aspects of reporting and enhancing the usage which helped the team to a great extent.”