Intensive Learning for Immediate Impact

GlobalEnglish Focus delivers a set of intensive courses that help learners quickly develop the Business English proficiency they need for a specific task or workplace scenario.

Intensive ten-week courses combine self-study digital activities and live online meetings with expert coaches to help learners focus their attention, develop and practice relevant skills, and deliver immediate impact in the workplace.

Each purpose-built course focuses on a specific learner level and skill area. Courses provide feedback, assessment and knowledge tests that measure and demonstrate learner attainment of the business skills.

How It Works

Flipped Classroom Experience

Each purpose-built course includes ten hours of digital self-study activities, followed by ten hours of coach-led instruction. Courses deliver specific learning outcomes optimized for effectiveness based on progress assessments over the duration of the course.

Built-in Productivity Features

The Focus experience encourages learners to apply what they learn immediately in their workplace via an in-built Apply It feature. This leads to faster outcomes and immediate business impact. Learners may also receive motivating notifications and reminders via email or on their mobile devices to keep them on track.

Global Standards

Each of the Focus topics aligns with internationally recognized Global Scale of English learning objectives, which instructors and tutorials reinforce. This ensures learner evaluations against a common standard for the specific skills practiced during the course.

Made-to-Measure Assessments

Administrators use GlobalEnglish Dashboard to easily monitor and direct learner progress by tracking usage and reviewing key metrics. At the end of the course, scores from a scenario-based assessment, as well as knowledge tests and learner feedback, capture and aggregate a qualifying score for the course that helps business and HR managers clearly understand the skill attainment achieved.

Key Benefits


Courses are designed with learning burst methodology for maximum efficiency which helps learners get where they need to be, faster.

Immediate Impact:

I could develop and practice the Business English I needed to do my job, improve my performance straight away and set me up for future success.

Business Skills:

Assessments, knowledge tests and learner feedback demonstrate that skills have been developed, not just that a course has been completed.

“A short timeline to prepare for the event didn’t stop him. In two months, he prepared and worked with a coach to practice presenting and write his speech to be given in English at the important sales meeting.”