GlobalEnglish Dashboard:
Real-Time reporting and program management


GlobalEnglish Dashboard provides complete control over your organization’s entire GlobalEnglish program, giving administrators instant access to the information they need to track progress, achieve business goals and optimize future activity.

Real-time information provides a live snapshot of every learner’s activity, their progress toward individual goals and their comparative performance against colleagues or pre-assigned benchmarks.

Dashboard encourages learning leaders to fine-tune individual programs in response to performance tracking data, personal preferences and evolving business objectives.

How It Works

The Big Picture

Dashboard provides a single point of access to all the data generated from the deployment of GlobalEnglish products and services across your entire organization—from license management and utilization rates to individual learner plans and comparative progress rates.

Data Management

Dashboard offers intuitive controls for presenting and manipulating information so that large amounts of raw data can be easily understood and quickly converted into actionable intelligence.

Real-time reporting

Rapid search and analysis functions combined with easy export options deliver management reports focused on the insights needed to drive effective decision-making.

Goal setting and adjustments

Administrators optimize the program of every learner by adjusting the pace of development and refining goals in response to performance metrics. Poor performers receive additional practice opportunities. Dashboard allows learning leaders to encourage fast learners to aim even higher.

Key benefits


I can continually adjust the pace of learning activity to suit the needs of every learner.


It gives me effective measurement of utilization rates, individual activity and the progress of every learner against pre-set goals.

Ease of Use:

The clear visual dashboard includes a wide range of tools that transform real-time data into actionable insights.

“The high levels of success and engagement among the executives were enough to convince Whirlpool to expand its efforts to help more employees improve their English language skills.”