Digital Platform for Structured Learning

GlobalEnglish developed One as the digital foundation for all our Business English learning solutions, productivity tools and program management.

GlobalEnglish Standard builds on One by offering self-paced learning along with program tracking via the Dashboard suite of administration tools.

GlobalEnglish Professional further extends One with the addition of our Advisor personal support program and virtual classroom training, which includes the Talk with Teacher and Writing Practice feedback programs.

Collaborative learning and productivity tools.

How it works


Personalized self-learning programs can be developed from our 11-level scope-and-sequence curriculum delivered online with text, image and video content.

Advanced Content

Highly engaging multimedia content from partners such as the Financial Times gives learners the opportunity to develop relevant business skills as they improve their proficiency in Business English.

Automated Assistance

The One platform incorporates a wide range of learning technologies and business tools, including advanced automated speech recognition and remediation, text-to-speech technology, customized email templates, culture notes and live translation.


The platform includes integrated gamification features such as badges, points and rewards designed to motivate and engage learners.


Key benefits

“Structured, self-paced programs deliver a great experience for all learning levels.”

“Multimedia content and gamification tools boost engagement and drive participation.”

“Increased skills levels have been calculated to save employees 2.5 hours/week, over 51,000 hours/year!”