Announcing GlobalEnglish Reach

Coming soon to Apple’s App Store and Google Play…

GlobalEnglish Reach delivers a breakthrough experience to language learning. Rather than being bound to the traditional language learning levels, Reach asks what you want to achieve, and then personalizes the experience to concentrate on vocabulary and situations that can be applied immediately. A few bite-sized missions deliver improved confidence for richer Business English interactions.

The GlobalEnglish Reach learning experience complements the proven, self-directed learning available in GlobalEnglish Standard and Professional. Along with other features like Market Leader and Financial Times, and hours of content contributed by our own learning community, our approach to learning Business English brings learning through multiple entry points that align with your needs.

GlobalEnglish Reach initially features hundreds of missions covering a wide range of business skills, including:

  • Managing people and projects
  • Workplace conversations
  • Participating in meetings
  • Leading a meeting
  • Business presentations
  • Professional presence and influence

The GlobalEnglish Reach app, available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, will include a shared profile and common log-in with the GlobalEnglish One web-based platform. Time spent on the app, and mission-completion information, will be reported to One Dashboard as a new learning analytics component.

With GlobalEnglish Reach, you can always reach for the right lesson at the right time.


Available soon at the Apple App store and on Google Play.