Elite Support for Leadership Learning

GlobalEnglish Executive Coach delivers a platinum-level one-to-one virtual coaching experience designed to help senior executives excel in global leadership positions.

Highly experienced native English-speaking coaches work with executives to accelerate learning, focus on specific needs such as board meetings or keynote speeches, and help develop core leadership competencies.

All coaches bring strong senior executive coaching experience. Flexible scheduling fits Executive Coach sessions into busy work schedules. We support fully customized coaching sessions organized at a moment’s notice and rescheduled with ease.

Personal coaching designed to meet busy schedules.


How It Works

Personalized Coaching

We deliver one-to-one coaching sessions developed to meet specific leadership requirements. Coaches assist executives by phone or Skype at times convenient to each leader.

Leadership Development

Dedicated sessions address a variety of individual learning needs, including support for upcoming events such as board meetings and keynote speeches. We also support personal coaching on a broad range of cultural and leadership topics. 

VIP Support

Executives have access to an exclusive support program where coaches answer urgent or time-sensitive questions at any time.

Supplementary Study

With unlimited access to the One platform, executives may access GlobalEnglish’s wealth of award-winning on-demand content and development activities.

Key Benefits

World-class coaches:

Coaches are highly qualified teachers with strong business experience and a history of working with senior executives at global organizations.


Dedicated sessions can accelerate overall learning and deliver timely preparation for upcoming events.


Individual coaching sessions are supplemented by on-demand access to GlobalEnglish One and our exclusive support program.

“They created and quickly ramped up a customized program that would prepare the executive team to confidently lead daily business with English-speaking Whirlpool colleagues, leaders and external constituents.”