GlobalEnglish Coach:
Personalized Attention to Accelerate Results


GlobalEnglish Coach complements and reinforces our One self-learning platform with personalized coaching to help users speed up their development with one-to-one practice, guidance and support.

Learners work with an intensive practice partner to help develop business skills at a faster rate, making it ideal for managers, high-potential talent or any user who needs to quickly develop skills for a new role or assignment.

Coach integrates into GlobalEnglish One where users can access preparation and follow-up activities, study personalized feedback and schedule upcoming sessions delivered by phone or Skype.













How It Works

Business-Relevant Coaching

Coach delivers guidance and tuition focused on key skill areas or specific business tasks such as upcoming presentations or report writing.

Regular Schedules

Thirty- or sixty-minute sessions can be scheduled once, twice or four times per month via phone or Skype, with a roster of coaches around the world available to meet on your schedule. 

Personalized Development

Our coaches monitor progress on the One platform, providing detailed feedback for every session and the guidance to overcome any user-specific problems standing in the way of  their goals.

Stimulating Activities

Coaches combine in-depth assignments and skill-specific practice with media mashups to maintain a high level of interest. This  emphasis on job-related content helps users progress faster and more effectively toward their personal goals.

Available in Other Languages

GlobalEnglish Coach learners can now study Spanish, Italian, French, German or Portuguese. Structured courses focus on the acquisition of the language and confidence necessary to carry out communication and business tasks in that language. All courses are aligned to the Common European Framework and built around the specific needs of each learner.

Note: GlobalEnglish Coach in other languages doesn’t come with access to GlobalEnglish One or Dashboard  content

Key Benefits


Each session is tailored to meet my specific Business English needs.


Coaches are native English speakers with extensive teaching and business experience.


I can opt to work with the same coach for the duration of my coaching relationship.

“The coach understood quickly my weaknesses and strengths and I worked hard on both. She has been able to drive me to constantly improve. Moreover, the website gives me the chance to test my improvement and the ability to study anytime.”