Fast, Accurate and Reliable Evaluation


The GlobalEnglish Assessment suite delivers high-quality tools that quickly, effectively, and accurately evaluate Business English proficiency.
Our customers can easily access, administer and monitor the assessments via our Dashboard. Tests are delivered online and can be taken on-site or anytime, anywhere.


Assessment supports your organization throughout your entire hiring and training lifecycles. They are ideal pre-screening tools for international recruitment; objectively measuring candidates in different locations against the same requirements. For ongoing language training needs, assessments measure individual requirements and progress as part of GlobalEnglish’s Business English learning program.



How It Works

GlobalEnglish Assessment offers a range of assessments designed to precisely support your business objectives. No matter which assessment you select, GlobalEnglish assessments deliver results.


Variety of option

GlobalEnglish provides three distinct assessment options, including with or without a speaking section and with human or AI-driven grading.

Easy to deploy

Assessments are easy to assign and easy to complete. Organiza tions can quickly administer Assessments to any number of test takers via our easy to use online dashboard.

Easy to complete

Test takers can complete any of the Assessments on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, either on-site or remote.

Fast Results

Most test results are available within minutes of completion. Email notifications and our user-friendly dashboards make reviewing and acting on scores simple.

Organizational improvement

Test results provide actionable information to support all stages of the hiring and training lifecycle–from pre-hire screenings to post-hire skill diagnostics. Further, Assessments integrate fully with our Business English curriculum, seamlessly aligning the evaluation and learning experience.

Unmatched accuracy

For two decades, GlobalEnglish has provided high-quality English language assessments to millions of learners worldwide. Our longevity, experience, and ongoing commitment to innovation keep GlobalEnglish Assessment an industry leader.

Key Benefits

“I chose it because it was highly reliable, easy to administer and provided quick and accurate results.”

“TDS predicted a total annual benefit of $600,000 through significant cost savings in pre-screenings and applications, call simulations, and performance-related attrition by using the assessment technology.”


“Not only is the Step + test more cost-effective than any other solution, it is also the most thorough and accurate. It’s not often that you find that combination and this much value.”

“The resulting scores showed that few of the employees had the necessary skill level to conduct business and financial transactions in English.”