Global organizations need a common language to serve international customers, collaborate across borders and unlock the full potential of a global workforce.

GlobalEnglish delivers products and solutions that remove language and cultural barriers, enabling global workers to more effectively contribute to their organizations. We help employers and workers thrive in the connected economy.

But we don’t just teach English. We also help you deploy and manage Business English programs that deliver measurable impact against your specific business challenges.

Your Business Challenges

Acquiring and Developing Global Talent

If you need to recruit, develop and retain talent around the globe, GlobalEnglish can optimize recruitment programs and expand the size and diversity of your potential talent pool with online assessments, offer Business English as a component of onboarding and help you attract and retain top talent by integrating Business English-learning with personal development plans.

Business Operations and Efficiency

If you need to improve your global business performance across borders and cultures, GlobalEnglish can help you unlock the potential of your entire workforce by driving global collaboration, improving internal and external communications, boosting the ability and confidence of international executives and ensuring every global employee understands and consistently follows mission-critical processes and procedures.

Preparing for International Business

If you need to better serve global customers as you expand into new markets and acquire new talent, GlobalEnglish can help you remove language and cultural barriers following an international merger or acquisition, improve the performance of your international customer service teams or unlock your local market knowledge for global planning, product development and marketing services. We also help organizations prepare for major events and initiatives such as opening a division or office in another country or deploying an enterprise system across international borders.

Learning and Development Digital Transformation

If you want to deploy modern Business English learning experiences, GlobalEnglish offers a proven platform that will help your organization adapt to demographic changes, reduce the cost of overall Business English learning investments and deliver insight from the data gathered through our learning solutions.

Our Business English Solutions

One Platform

The Global English One Platform provides the digital foundation for all our Business English learning solutions, productivity tools, program management and data insight. We create tailored client solutions by combining online assessments and self-paced learning programs with personal coaching and virtual group learning where required.

Assessment: Defining the Right Approach for Your Company

GlobalEnglish Assessment is a suite of tools that quickly and effectively evaluate spoken and written Business English proficiency. Assessment sessions range from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the test that is most appropriate for your needs. Assessment provides the ideal pre-screening tool for international recruitment, with the ability to objectively measure candidates in different locations against the same requirements and to benchmark your organization to prioritize where you need to invest.

Personalized Structured Learning

A structured, level-driven approach takes learners from basic knowledge through mastery of Business English. The GlobalEnglish One Platform incorporates a wide range of learning technologies and business tools, including advanced automated speech recognition and remediation, text-to-speech technology, customized email templates and live translation.

Real-Time Blended Learning Experiences

The best Business English learning results require regular and consistent engagement.  Learners can either receive regular reinforcement through GlobalEnglish Advisor or select GlobalEnglish Coach to complement and reinforce self-paced learning programs. Thanks to personalized coaching, learners develop business skills at a faster rate, making it ideal for managers, high potential talent or any user who needs to quickly develop skills for a new role or assignment. Learners can connect with their coach from the office, home or from the airport while waiting to board. For senior leadership, GlobalEnglish Executive Coach delivers a platinum-level one-to-one virtual coaching experience designed to help senior managers and executives excel in global leadership positions.

On-Demand Learning

As work demands the use of Business English, GlobalEnglish is here to help. Highly engaging multimedia content from partners such as the Financial Times gives learners the opportunity to develop relevant business skills as they improve their Business English proficiency. Templates provide easily customizable starting points for notes and e-mails. Extensively researched content on countries around the world provides relevant insight and intra-cultural awareness for those traveling overseas on business or meeting with visitors from other countries.

Social Learning Experiences

GlobalEnglish Virtual Group brings together learners from different locations in a virtual classroom to extend their language and business skills learning through shared, collaborative experiences. Highly qualified business coaches help learners improve their conversational skills in a collaborative environment that builds confidence as well as ability. GlobalEnglish Community provides additional opportunities for interaction and learning through a secure Web platform with on-demand content, peer-to-peer business guidance and support, the ability to co-create documents and a forum for facilitating idea sharing and discussion.

Program Management & Data Insight

GlobalEnglish Dashboard is a real-time reporting and program management tool. Dashboard provides complete control over your organization’s entire GlobalEnglish program, giving administrators instant access to the information they need to track progress, achieve business goals and optimize learning programs.

Customer Success & Professional Services

Our team of Customer Success specialists ensures that your GlobalEnglish solution delivers maximum value to your organization with measurable impact for your business. We offer a proven approach to drive and sustain successful programs refined over hundreds of customer engagements.  Programs include a small business self-service option, consulting services for larger roll-outs and fully-customized enterprise-wide solutions.

Our experienced professional services teams can help you develop and execute benchmarking programs and integrate GlobalEnglish technology with your existing platforms and processes.

For more information, explore the GlobalEnglish website. You may also click this link, or reach out via chat, to reach a member of the GlobalEnglish team.