Rajashekar's Story



Learn How GlobalEnglish helped empower Rajashekar to grow from an entry level job to become a GlobalEnglish administrator.

I joined as a tea boy working at EPTH Project. With the help of my line managers and other senior staff, I was selected as a participant in GlobalEnglish pilot program. It was a beginning of my transformation, as an individual and a member of Brookfield Multiplex family.

Initially I found learning daunting, particularly due to my poor educational background and language barrier. But with the support of my line manager, colleages and continuous advice from Outperformance team, slowly learning become fun.

When I started applying the knowledge on the job, I was amazed with the feedback from my line managers and colleagues. They were surprised with my improvement in interpersonal skills and ability to handle pressure at work.

Even ten, fifteen minutes shared with my mentor gave me a thrill and curiosity to know more about my role and its importance to the company. I felt important and valued, regardless of my position. They continuously motivated me to learn and grow.

Following my achievement in pilot program, Our performance team gave an opportunity to be a part of this year's GlobalEnglish program, but this time, as a leader. I have been nominated as one of the UAE GlobalEnglish administrators.

It has been fascinating six months of experience, getting to know my peers and understand their role more closely. Riding high with my self-confidence, I finally found the courage to resume my studies. I see many role models within the company and I would like to be one.

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