With Mobile Learning, Anytime Means Any Time

Mobile Learning Business English

The proliferation of mobile devices means that billions of us are now carrying one of the most powerful tools for learning ever created in our pockets or purses. The greatest advantage that mobile learning offers over other kinds of digital education or mobile learning models is convenience. Any spare moment on the bus, in the checkout line or lounging around the house can offer an opportunity to hone a new skill – such as learning Business English. 

A recent post on the eLearning industry blog provides some useful guidance on how to optimize those spare moments to get the most out of the mobile learning experience. According to the post, short bursts of time – as little as 2 minutes – are ideal for reaffirming knowledge through interactive knowledge checks or delivering updates to existing knowledge. With language learning, that could be something as simple as a vocabulary test or comprehension drill. 

If you have slightly longer – 5 minutes or so – you can benefit from short interactive learning games or gaming-based knowledge checks. That’s also enough time to watch a short video, perhaps illustrating a common business scenario to recognize and reinforce appropriate use of concepts from other lessons. 

For stretches of 10 minutes or more with your device, consider tackling modules of new content or undertaking a more extensive, immersive game or scenario to really put your knowledge to the test. You can also integrate social learning by participating in interactive engagements with a chat-bot or live conversation partner to practice improvisational language skills. 


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