Mobile Learning will be a $325 Billion Industry in 2025. Now’s the Time to Get Onboard

Mobile E-Learning Trend

The global E-learning market was valued at a little less than $8 billion in 2015, but is expected to grow to $37.6 billion by 2020 and mushroom to $325 billion worldwide in 2025, with combined annual growth rates over 7%, according to several analysts watching the space. With that kind of uptake, it’s reasonable to expect that massive numbers of people will turn to their mobile devices for instruction in the coming decade. The earlier today’s organizations embrace that change, the better positioned they will be to support the workforce of the next decade with the knowledge they need, delivered in the format they expect. 

Mobile E-learning is driven by a combination of demographic and technology factors. On the tech side, smartphones and multi-purpose mobile devices have grown in capabilities and dropped in cost; they are now ubiquitous in most developed markets and spreading rapidly even in emerging markets. That’s been accompanied by the improving speed, quality and availability of mobile data networks, and the shift toward cloud-based infrastructure that handles storage, distribution and processing to improve the experience for mobile users. 

Demographically, an entire generation is now coming of age marinated in smart, connected mobile technology (the iPhone debuted in 2009). By next decade, these “mobile natives” will start hitting the workforce in increasing numbers as the retirement of the Baby Boomers hits critical levels. Organizations will face the need to upskill new workers and retrain mid-career workers at a rapid pace; mobile learning is likely to be the mode of choice. 

At GlobalEnglish, we are watching these trends closely and are making huge investments to support mobile learning now and into the future, with special attention to how mobile devices support language learning and constant reinforcement of key concepts. We are debuting new mobile-ready tools and resources that can help organizations make the transition to universal Business English, using proven methods that give people the tools they need to participate confidently in conversations with English speakers worldwide.  

Our unique style of blended learning empowers your talent to better manage other important global businesses challenges, including the ability to manage relationships with partners and resources around the world, adapting to new technology and business models, and leveraging technology for productivity and analytics. Our customers find time and again that as their employees gain a better foothold on Business English, they improve on overall performance. 


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