GlobalEnglish is the leading real world business training partner for managing people and projects training.

We are a customer focused organization that delivers managing people and projects training products and solutions, which remove language and cultural barriers to give every global worker the ability to contribute and thrive in the connected 21st century.

Our extensive team of global employees and certified instructors are trusted learning partners to hundreds of global corporations.

With over 20 years of dedicated experience in delivering innovative solutions we give global workers the real world managing people and projects training language skills they need to do their jobs.

Our range of managing people and projects training tools help workers succeed in their jobs, not just learn a language.

Top business skills GlobalEnglish can help your organization expand or strengthen include:

managing people and projects training
managing people and projects training
  • Managing people and projects
  • Professional presence and influence
  • Participating in meetings
  • Business presentations
  • Leading meetings
  • Workplace conversations
  • Virtual discussions
  • Business negotiations
  • Business email, and
  • Business writing

Our real world English language courses help global workers master business writing, casual conversations, communicating clearly, conversation etiquette, digital communication, giving feedback, giving presentations, leading meetings, projects, ad teams, problem solving, summarizing key ideas, and sales and support.

The dynamic Management team at GlobalEnglish has decades of managing people and projects training experience across education, technology and business learning, allowing us to continue to drive innovation in the application of digital learning.

GlobalEnglish offers customer success programs for companies of all sizes, including complete enterprise solutions with implementation planning, KPI alignment, launch plan development, ongoing access to a senior project consultant, monthly account reviews and fully customized implementation and communication plans.

Every customer engagement begins by learning about our customer’s needs. A thorough assessment is conducted to identify where a lack of Business English skills creates risk, and where Business English can be used to drive new business success.

The trusted advisors then translate those needs into a solution that utilizes the GlobalEnglish portfolio including self-paced learning, blended learning and assessments.

Your GlobalEnglish team of managing people and projects training specialists ensure you meet program objectives by helping manage implementation and deployment, sharing best practices, and working with you to develop key performance indicators.

Your team of customer success specialists don’t stop with implementation. We help develop program objectives, success criteria and key performance indicators that create the framework for measuring impact. We ensure our customers realize business benefits by managing the projects across the organization to ensure timely and stress-free deployment.

With 24/7 global support, global access in 12 countries for 10 languages, and our global knowledge, GlobalEnglish is always available with the answer you need to keep your learners engaged, and your program moving forward.

Depending on your needs, we will help your global enterprise acquire and develop global talent, prepare and strengthen your capabilities for effective international business, help improve business operations, increase efficiency, and leverage our technology.

In addition to managing people and projects training we specialize in Business English training for Human Resource departments, writing Business English emails, online Business English courses, and personal coaching.

Our solutions serve a broad spectrum of Industries including (but not limited to): financial services, hospitality, IT, energy & utilities, manufacturing, healthcare/life sciences, engineering & construction, outsourced services, and consumer products & retail.

We are able to provide many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies English training references upon request.

Our managing people and projects training regions include India, United States, Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, China, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Turkey, Argentina, South Korea, France, Vietnam, Canada, Poland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

At GlobalEnglish we believe success should be driven by ability and ambition, not bias or birthright. English has become the language of global business. Our purpose is to give a voice to global talent.

GlobalEnglish is the recipient of many industry awards

managing people and projects training
managing people and projects training