Leverage Technology for a Truly Blended Learning Experience

Truly Blended Learning Experience

Today’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) and issued four critical calls to action for learning technology. According to Brandon Hall: “Despite being around for the better part of two decades, organizations are just now coming around to the 70:20:10 concept.

Their research has found that 43% of learning still takes place in a formal setting, and the company says that while technology can support greater blended learning, it is often the learning strategy holding the organization back: “The learning strategy itself needs to recognize the existence, strengths and value of informal and experiential learning and technology must be used to execute.

At GlobalEnglish, we have had great success working with clients to create virtual, blended learning programs, combining the strengths of human-training with the latest technological innovations.

Learners must be able to move seamlessly from formal to informal environments, and use whatever technologies they want, whenever, and wherever they want, to develop the skills they need in the workplace.

We have seen the most effective learning take place when skills can be applied immediately on the job, and refined in real-time with the help of colleagues and co-workers.

Technology is used to give workers instant access to learning materials in the workplace, as well as providing immediate feedback from experts and peers while collecting live data to build ongoing assessment profiles.

Today’s workforce is comprised of five generations of global workers and our learning and language strategies must take into account their diverse needs, abilities, and preferences when it comes to learning materials and delivery.

Technology is both enabling and challenging business to become more responsive, flexible, mobile and agile. We can use those same technologies to create virtual, blended learning programs to help them meet that challenge.

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