GlobalEnglish partners with Deutsche Post DHL Group and Oerlikon for Two Brandon Hall Awards

Brandon Hall Award

Congratulations to our clients, Deutsche Post DHL Group and Oerlikon, who we were proud to partner with in winning 2017 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards.

Our partnership with Deutsche Post DHL Group won a Silver Award for the Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation, while Oerlikon’s GlobalEnglish program won Silver for Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy.


Best Advance in Learning
Technology Implementation


Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is the world’s leading mail and logistics company with over 500,000 employees.

DPDHL adopted English as its company language to strengthen best-practice sharing and interoperability between business units, which also improves service to its global customers.

DPDHL faced the challenge of deploying a learning solution across a highly-decentralized organization with multiple independent corporate divisions operating in 220 countries. GlobalEnglish worked closely with DPHL to develop a solution that could optimize the learner experience with minimal program administration.

A centralized registration program offers “Pay as You Go” access to local divisions, giving instant access to the services required for over 1,000 learners.

Localized monitoring and program follow-up complement the centralized registration system to ensure learning tailored to business-specific needs.

All learners first engage through self-start training videos, while local HR and IT teams become familiar with GlobalEnglish One through demonstrations and support materials all designed to ensure smooth implementation. DPDHL employees access all material related to the program in six different languages through the company’s intranet (MyNet).

Strong satisfaction scores reflect positive reception to the implementation program. 93% of managers confirm skills improvement in at least one business area, and 98% of employees say they would recommend GlobalEnglish to a colleague.

DPDHL also estimates an annual productivity gain of 2.06 Million Euros based on an average saving of 2 hours per week per employee as a result of improved English communication.

Best Advance in Creating a
Learning Strategy

Oerlikon is a global leader in surface solutions, advanced materials and materials processing. With over 100 years of history, Oerlikon has over 13,500 employees at more than 180 locations in 37 countries.

The company identifies English communication as an essential career development skill for its employees, supporting international assignments and leading global teams, both of which require collaboration across the organization and delivering service to multinational customers.

A usage rate of just 20% for its existing online English learning program prompted to Oerlikon to review its entire English Learning strategy.

The company prioritized their selection of an English language learning program as a key part of its employee development program and looked for a new solution that could be measured against Oerlikon’s own KPI’s to boost collaboration and customer connection.

GlobalEnglish developed a blended learning solution for Oerlikon. Every online learner receives direct access to an assigned online Advisor.

A 6-month pilot program tested the new solution before full deployment across 11 countries.

The new program also included learner rewards and recognition, administrative training for local offices, and advanced reporting capabilities with manager involvement and learner selection criteria.

The new strategy has increased active users from 23% to 98.9%, with average time on-site per active subscriber skyrocketing from less than 3 hours to over 27 hours.

Congratulations again to our customers at Deutsche Post DHL Group and Oerlikon. It’s great to see their commitment to learning and support for their employees recognized with such prestigious awards.


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