GlobalEnglish on a Mission to Create Purposeful Learning with its New Mobile App

GlobalEnglish Reach combines purposeful learning with gaming design to help accelerate business English learning.


GlobalEnglish has taken another step forward with the launch of its first mobile-native learning app, GlobalEnglish Reach. Reach helps learners around the globe improve their communication skills by practicing English in real-world, professional settings

Reach combines rich media, a game-like experience, and a focus on micro-learning that modern learners expect from apps. What sets it apart, though, is its focus on skills-based, personalized learning.

“We know from research that learners need to feel that what they’re doing matters, need to see regular evidence of their progress, and need to study regularly,” says CEO Karine Allouche-Salanon. “At GlobalEnglish, we call this Purposeful Learning. When we set out to build Reach, we challenged ourselves to create an experience that fully embodies Purposeful Learning.”

The result is an app that combines learner choice with expert guidance via GlobalEnglish’s learning recommendation engine in a gamified learning environment. Learners can choose the business skills they want to develop, prompting a recommendation engine to combine relevant learning activities, called missions, into a personal learning journey.

Each mission takes just three to five minutes to complete, with motivational rewards at the end of every mission. Learners track their progress against personal goals as they develop skills that can be put to immediate use in the workplace.

“Rewarding people for making incremental progress towards a goal can lead to increased activity. You see this principle in apps all the time. We hoped to bring the same ideas to Reach and, in turn, help users build positive learning habits,” Allouche-Salanon continued.

User data gathered during the beta period indicates that Reach is doing just that. “We saw, consistently, that about two-thirds of Reach learners used the app every day,” explains David Hargis, Vice President of Learning at GlobalEnglish. “More than that, though, when we did focus groups, participants overwhelmingly said they would recommend it to a colleague. One participants even described it as fun, which is just music to our ears.”


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