GlobalEnglish Launches Voice for All in Support of Immigrants, Refugees to the U.S.

With every product purchased, GlobalEnglish will donate its Voice for All solution to an NGO or non-profit organization

SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 28, 2018GlobalEnglish is proud to announce the launch of its global initiative for social good: Voice for All. For every GlobalEnglish product license sold, the company will donate a license to a non-governmental organization (NGO) or non-profit. Voice for All was born out of the recognition of a specific need shared by a specific population and kicks-off with several partners across the world that work to support refugees and immigrants, including The Afghan Coalition, World Relief, New Women New Yorkers, Together1Heart, Maitri, Yarid and Opportutoring.

GlobalEnglish’s digital & human solutions have changed the lives of more than three million people, empowering them to advance their careers by advancing their Business English proficiency. GlobalEnglish’s purpose is to give a voice to global talent, to broaden our impact the company has taken steps to broaden its impact to amplify the voices of the vulnerable and disenfranchised.

“With Voice for All, we’re looking to not only provide value to our customers, our shareholders, and our employees, but to our wider community,” says GlobalEnglish CEO Karine Allouche Salanon.

Like GlobalEnglish, New Women New Yorkers is focused on connecting people to high-quality work – in this case, young immigrant women looking to get their first paying, fulfilling job in NYC, in industries ranging from marketing to finance to data science. CEO Arielle Kandel sees the Voice for All program as a potential “game-changer.” “What these women have in common is they all face a language challenge. Many are really proficient on a conversational level, but when it comes to working in English, speaking in English for job interviews, they feel less confident and have less vocabulary.”

“Voice for All is the missing link,” added Allouche-Salanon. “While there are free apps for English language learning, they don’t equip learners with the verbal and non-verbal training needed to score an interview, make a presentation, or simply have a workplace conversation.” New Women New Yorkers’ Kandel agrees.

“Basic English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are available throughout the city, but participants have struggled to access options geared for learners with an intermediate level of English and with a Business English focus – exactly what GlobalEnglish and its personalized, self-paced learning programs offer” Kandel added. “I anticipate that arming these women with GlobalEnglish’s digital solution will allow them to secure more job interviews and offers, better negotiate salary, and achieve promotions once they’re in the door.”

“The potential is enormous,” agrees Denton Josey, employment manager for the Sacramento, California branch of World Relief. “For nearly 40 years World Relief has worked with the U.S. Department of State to welcome and resettle thousands of refugees referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency annually. When clients come to the organization for resettlement, their English proficiency is assessed – and the range is huge. Some are pre-literate, meaning they can’t read and write in their own language, while others have worked with a U.S. embassy and their English is amazing.”

GlobalEnglish’s Voice for All will serve all these populations, and Josey is particularly excited about one that the agency has long struggled with how to effectively serve: women.

“Many have small children at home, and childcare responsibilities prohibit them from attending language classes. This language gap leaves these women increasingly isolated from their community and unable to do things like meet with their children’s teachers or go to the grocery store with confidence. Language is the key that moves people from being able to survive and being able to thrive.” Josey anticipates this harder-to-reach group will thrive with the flexible access to language learning they’ll now have through Voice for All.

About GlobalEnglish

GlobalEnglish is a Silicon Valley Education Technology company whose mission is to promote and share the cultural and economic benefits of Globalization. We’ve helped more than 3 million people join and elevate the Global Business conversation by providing personalized and adaptive online business English training. We serve more than 200 of the Fortune 2000 companies with customers such as Hilton, Deloitte, Whirlpool or Deutsche Post DHL.

GlobalEnglish has been converting its trove of learner data and business English to build a unique pedagogical method, called Purposeful LearningTM. By focusing on learner’s objectives and interests, it uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human teaching to deliver a personalized and adaptive learning path that provides tangible learning progress and creates a habit of success.
Headquartered in San Mateo, California, GlobalEnglish employs more than 140 individuals worldwide.

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