GlobalEnglish CEO Karine Allouche Salanon recognized as Role Model by French-American Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

The 2017 French American Business Awards (FABA) held in San Francisco on May 26,recognized GlobalEnglish CEO Karine Allouche Salanon as role model with the Special Distinction Award. This was a new category for 2017. Allouche  Salanon shared the honor with MyScience Works’ Virginie Simon, who was recognized with the Gold Award. The awards are sponsored by the French-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco.

“As some of the previous winers stated It is important to thank our partners as they support us and ebable the late nights or travels our works demands us. In my case, as a female executive, my partner is also my CFO. I want to also thanks my family, my au-pair, my friends and my neighbors that are enabling enabling dual parents who just run a management buyout of our company [GlobalEnglish]. Thanks to their support we will, along the 150 employees we brought with us, have the opportunity to radically change our life as we build success!”

Allouche Salanon leads GlobalEnglish, a language learning technology firm dedicated to elevating global conversations by helping people around the world acquire and master Business English. Privately held GlobalEnglish is based in Brisbane, CA.

Read Karine’s thoughts on her personal blog here.

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