With every program license you purchase, GlobalEnglish will donate a license to a NGO or non-profit organization in support of learners from around the globe struggling to unleash their full potential. Because of you, one more learner is empowered to find a better life.

Impact at a Glance

1850 learners from 10 countries worldwide,and growing everyday.

Empowering Global Talent, Providing a Voice for All

Our Motivation

We believe in business with purpose, and we know ours: to give a voice to global talent. We believe that success should be driven by ability and ambition, not bias or birthright. Voice for All is more than a program: It’s a representation of these values, an homage to how we believe businesses should contribute to the greater good. It’s about using our most valued asset—our technology—to help those left behind develop the skills required for new opportunities.

  • English is the world’s common language. English has come of age as a global language. It is spoken by a quarter of the world’s population, enabling a true single market in knowledge and ideas. It now belongs to the world and increasingly to non-native speakers –who today far outnumber native speakers.

  • English drives growth and international development. For developing and emerging economies, there is enormous demand and need for English in public education systems to boost stability, employability and prosperity.

  • English changes lives. The impact of globalization and economic development has made English the language of opportunity and a vital means of improving an individual’s prospects for well-paid employment.

  • Most refugees have limited English skills, which may slow their integration. While refugees’ English proficiency increases with time in the United States, 58% of those who had been resettled for 20 years or more remained limited English proficient (LEP).

  • In India, hourly wages are on average 34% higher for men who speak fluent English and 13% higher for men who speak a little English, relative to men who do not speak English.

  • Supporting refugees and those affected by instability to develop competence in additional languages enables them to access a wider range of employment and training opportunities.

Thoughtful Partnerships

At GlobalEnglish, we understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in organizations we work with.

  • Sustainable

    Organizations that work with communities to address their needs in a way that will enable the community to meet its own needs in the future. Along with strategic and operational decision-making process, and financial sustainability.

  • Strategic

    We seek well staffed and led organizations that have a long-term commitment to scalable and measurable positive social impact on beneficiaries or the community.

  • Innovative

    GlobalEnglish is committed to improving our program and services by continually evolving. We look for partners who can report back to us on how we can improve together and is able to adapt and innovate with a changing environment.

  • Impactful

    We at GlobalEnglish believe the most impact can be made when we move forward with purpose. In collaboration with our partner organizations we seek to understand our progress towards the goal of transforming lives through skill development. We rigorously measure, assess, and report how effectively our programs provide sustainable economic empowerment through individual development and growth.

Our Voice for All Partners

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