Companies across industries are looking for ways to reinvent themselves and have a competitive advantage in the digital transformation. Creating value for clients is what IT Services and Consulting organizations deliver in a digital world.

Benefits already being witnessed from digital transformation efforts include increased market share (41%), increased customer engagement in digital channels (37%), more positive employee morale (37%), greater web and mobile engagement (32%), and increased customer revenue (30%). – State of Digital Transformation Report, Altimeter Group, 2016

Elevating Soft Skills Development

IT Consulting and Services Professionals are expected to be subject matter experts in their technology area but what about being comfortable communicating those ideas and projects? Businesses want employees with soft skills, who are versatile and willing to collaborate with each other to solve problems as a team, rather than as individual experts.

A skill-level to add to any consultant’s toolbelt – beyond technology know-how – is English language understanding and interpreting that allows responding to feelings contained in words, rather than a mere understanding of the English language.

Learning takes place in many formats on our platform, including virtual classroom training and a personal online advisor to accelerate learning and productivity in a common language across your entire organization. Multimedia self-learning tools are complemented by our One Community service which encourages peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

Do you have a global level of proficiency and measurement tools available across countries? GlobalEnglish’s comprehensive reporting tools enable benchmarking against individual job requirements or competitive candidates, as well as industry-specific and global standards. Assessments can be configured to meet a precise level of written and verbal Business English requirements by testing a wide range of key business communications skills. Cultural transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but we can make it easier by breaking English learning into achievable steps with feedback loops to know you’re on the right track.

Making Employees More Productive

Statistics show only 1 in 5 graduates are suitable for work at multinationals.  “When you are hiring around the world and you are hiring people for whom English is a second language, or maybe not even a second language, there’s a need to provide them with the opportunity to improve those skills.” said John Heyman, Director Content Development and Delivery for Unisys University.  There is a huge need for consistent communication and a single language for doing business, both for internal discussions and for working with clients to deliver successful projects.

GlobalEnglish promises an adaptive, responsive solution to provide staff with adequate and appropriate language skills needed to succeed.  We understand that maximizing billable hours needs to be preserved, while engaging in an English learning program.  Our solution delivers a learning and collaboration platform including virtual classroom training and a personal online advisor to accelerate learning and productivity in a common language across your entire organization.

Communicating and collaborating with a common language results in smooth operations with tangible benefits of improved productivity and efficiency.  Our surveys after working with Tata Consultancy Services  showed at least 20% improvement in working relationships and productivity, and a 33% improvement in time efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Overall, in a total year Unisys employees saved an average of 2.4 hours per week of time using the program.

Benefits of a Business English investment.

  • Demonstrable ROI from increasing business English skills
  • Higher quality client engagement and project results
  • Globally deployable, flexible learning solution
  • Optimize learning based on benchmarking and learning plan
  • Improve responsiveness to client needs

Case Studies