GlobalEnglish serves many industries. The following list outlines some key areas where Business English plays a role, and provides links to relevant case studies that share stories from our customers.

Energy & Utilities

Business English use is critical in the mining and explosives industries considering the many safety standards, environmental and legal regulations, plus clientele and employees spread across the globe.  Another movement driving the need for a common working language is the high number of mergers and acquisitions.  Orchestrating this consolidation requires access to capital and healthy balance sheets through close collaboration internally and externally.  The promise of these mergers is higher production efficiencies and maximizing economies of scale.  Our platform’s highly engaging multimedia content from partners such as the Financial Times gives learners the opportunity to develop relevant business skills as they improve their proficiency in Business English.

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Healthcare/Life Sciences

As an industry, Healthcare and Life Sciences faces rising costs and unpredictable outcomes.  Innovation across multiple fronts is the answer to reduce costs, to experience higher returns and to prepare for the future of new technologies, new regulations, and new partnership collaborations.  Building value into the value chain includes analyzing existing talent worker’s English skill sets across functional areas and bridging the gap for business English. Our convenient platform is available 24/7 and has curriculum personalized to your ability.  Your outcomes will all be captured on your private skills measurement dashboard, taking out the guess work.


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Smart manufacturing via connecting digitally across factory and supply chains for better visibility and traceability is changing the industry and requires reassessing business models and continually interpreting data.  Executives agree there is huge monetizing opportunities with the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT), but there’s more to it than turning on a proverbial digital switch.  This initiative will cut across many functions and requires the whole unit’s support.  Executives must eloquently communicate the new operating model and spark a complete business transformation.  For global organizations utilizing a common business language is a step in the right direction for better communicating and collaborating through the transformation.

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Engineering & Construction

To expand business lines and geographies, engineering and construction firms (E&C) are turning to mergers and acquisitions with the goal of adding more value and moving out of commodity offerings.  The consolidation has brought some talent pool shortages.  More E&C firms are realizing the need to embrace technology to build a competitive advantage.  Some of the technology being considered includes 3-D printing, drones, and new software packages for estimating, project management and equipment sharing.  Investing in people, is the first step to embracing technology and creating a culture that is comfortable using technology.  At GlobalEnglish, we design Business English programs that deliver measurable business impact by removing language and cultural barriers so every global worker is empowered to contribute and thrive.  We offer the latest in technology learning platforms with the benefits of live coaching and virtual team learning experiences.

Outsourced Services Industry

The offshore call center and business process outsourcing industries are showing significant growth, with an average increase in offshoring activities of 20 to 30 percent being seen among businesses on a year-by-year basis, per an industry report from KPMG Research.  However, there are some major and enduring issues in the field to consider. Turnover and proper recruitment are two constant struggles.  Finding staff with a strong grasp of English means faster placement of those new hires into roles and a better return on investment for the employer.  Developing a long-term program to improve a global workforce’s ability to communicate and collaborate is instrumental in harnessing the talent pool’s potential.  Read how two different client approaches were developed with GlobalEnglish’s broad product offering.

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Consumer Products & Retail

Consumer goods companies and retailers face constant change, and the most successful organizations are embracing technology, protecting their brand, predicting consumer tastes and trends, and optimizing their business models.  Retailers want to build consumer trust and loyalty, while boosting associate productivity and creating an in-store consumer shopping experience.  GlobalEnglish helped a client with a unique retail challenge in the luxury goods market in the United Arab Emirates.  The client maintains operations in 12 countries in the Middle East and beyond, and employs more than 9,000 people representing more than 100 nationalities. Each one is expected to deliver on the company’s promise: providing excellence and extraordinary customer service to those who value unique experiences.