Organizations that want to engage in the connected, global 21-Century economy, need to consider Business English as a cornerstone skill will help them meet their goals.

Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

Get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction fast, by eliminating language and cultural barriers from international mergers and acquisitions.

Study after study estimates the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) at between 50 and 90 percent.  Combining different business practices, IT systems and company cultures is notoriously difficult. Clear communications are critical to any prospective M&A, and for international deals that can mean elevating the level of Business English and cultural awareness for all parties.


Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services, has achieved exponential driven by strategic mergers and acquisitions around the world. We designed an adaptive and responsive learning solution to help hundreds of thousands of young new employees—with varying degrees of exposure to English—develop the appropriate language skills they needed to succeed in a global organization.

The GlobalEnglish partnership has enabled us to improve our enterprise fluency on a global scale, resulting in additional market opportunities and increased ROI.


HR Director, Americas, Major IT Services Firm

Lead with Confidence

Improve the ability and confidence of leaders presenting to global audiences with fast track learning and executive coaching.

Leading within an international organization requires building relationships and connecting with employees and customers around the world. Leaders may have to represent the interests of local employees in a global team meeting, or represent the entire organization at an international trade conference. Proficiency in Business English and an empathy for different cultures can help transform local managers into global leaders.


When Whirlpool acquired a majority stake in three Chinese manufacturing facilities they needed to ensure that local executives could lead global meetings with English-speaking Whirlpool colleagues around the world. A combination of assessments and online learning incorporating personalized coaching ensured they were proficient enough in Business English to lead with confidence.


Unisys expanded a program originally designed to improve the speaking skills of onshore call center agents to help managers develop the skills needed for international leadership.

There’s a big difference between when you are talking about a senior manager who’s talking to an analyst or talking to a C-level person in a company, and they pose a question: number one, you have to understand what they’re asking and number two, you have to be able to clearly articulate the answer to that question.

John Heyman, Director Content Development and Delivery for Unisys University

Open an International Location

Recruit local to go global with confidence by using Business English to align regional experts with global standards.

Entering new markets can mean understanding new business and financial regulations, meeting different customer expectations and respecting the traditions and norms of local cultures. Local expertise is critical to success, but beating established local competitors also requires maximizing the assets and skills of your existing business.  A common language and cultural understanding can take local success to a global scale.


As a leading supplier to the construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation industries, PPG wanted to take advantage of dynamic growth opportunities across China.

We developed a Business English program for PPG as part of a talent management strategy that could attract, develop and retain local employees. The program also enabled Chinese employees to interact with colleagues and team members from other countries to share information and best practices.


Business English is critical in the mining and explosives industry in which MAXAM operates, with safety standards and legal and environmental regulations written predominantly in English. We work with MAXAM to help ensure that its employees have the Business English skills they need to stay safe and fully compliant in almost 50 countries around the world.

The GlobalEnglish solution works for PPG because it provides a vast base of information that is completely relevant to the daily work of our employees. It really can be called business language training, because employees can so easily apply what they learned directly to their work.

Nina Wang, PPG Human Resources Director, China