With a global workforce, you can’t afford to bring your key talent together and teach them in a classroom. Today’s learning lives on personal devices. You need a Business English solution that meets your learners where they live and work.

Create a Program Accessible to All

Build Business English proficiency across your entire workforce with cost-effective self-paced learning.

In the industrial economy, power and decision-making typically lay in the hands of the few. In the connected economy, power comes from collaboration, with entire workforces empowered and enabled to speak up and contribute. Today’s learning programs can’t just focus on the “chosen few.” They should drive a continuous learning culture for an entire workforce, tailored to the specific needs of every individual.


Although roughly 80% of Capgemini’s employees are non-native English speakers, the company demands that employees possess a relatively high level of English proficiency to collaborate with colleagues and serve global clients. An initial assessment of 1,500 Italian employees revealed that the majority fell below the proficiency level the company was looking for. We worked with Capgemini Italy to develop a two-pronged approach to training, giving high-level managers access to GlobalEnglish Coach for accelerated learning, while the rest of the organization gained access to self-paced on-demand learning via the GlobalEnglish One platform. Follow-up surveys showed that 92% of employees became active users of the service, achieving average productivity gains of 1.8 hours per week, which according to Capgemini delivered savings of more than $1.1 million.

After we made English our official language, we learned fast that our growing global team did not have consistently high levels of English skills. We needed a training solution that we could deploy around the world, would help learners at any level and would include tools that could provide instant help on the job. The only service that could handle this huge challenge was GlobalEnglish.

Tony Gleeson, Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions at Deloitte

Optimize L&D Budgets & Programs

Centralize spend on a scalable solution that combines on-demand structured learning with personal advisory and coaching.

In the industrial economy, business learning was an extracurricular activity that took employees away from their “real work” and disrupted the lives of colleagues around them. A classroom-dominated approach delivered abstract learning conditions, with employees often struggling to apply new skills back in the workplace — high cost with low immediate returns. Blended learning approaches—where the majority of learning happens on-the-job—ensure newly-developed skills are immediately benefiting the business, as well as employees and the colleagues around them. A centralized, technology driven-approach can reduce costs, increase participation and improve performance.


DPDHL required a learning solution to meet the needs of a diverse workforce with multiple independent divisions operating in more than 200 countries. We developed a solution that enabled every potential learner to access the service regardless of their location, with a curriculum to serve all levels of experience and ability. The program delivered average saving of 2 hours per week per employee as a result of improved English communication, which equated to savings of 2.06 million euros based on an average employee rate of $25 per hour.

The main challenge faced by Deutsche Post DHL Group was deploying a learning solution across a highly-decentralized organization. And we have found a great solution.

Peter Schoof, SVP HR Processes and Platform Management at DPDHL


GlobalEnglish is perfect for a global company like Deloitte. It’s delivered 100% online with all instruction offered in 13 languages. And because they have account managers on the ground on five continents, we get great service at the local level. With GlobalEnglish, we needed only one provider for the entire global program.

Tony Gleeson, Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions at Deloitte

Measure Progress Against Business Priorities

Program success measured against your organizations key performance indicators.

The success of any business learning program is its impact on business performance. It’s that simple. That’s why we take the time to design solutions around the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are important to your business. You decide what’s important to measure and we design a program that delivers, including real-time reporting tools to monitor activity and program management tools to refine and optimize performance.


Oerlikon is a global leader in surface solutions, advanced materials and materials processing. English communication skills are essential to talent career development at Oerlikon, and GlobalEnglish worked with the company to optimize a solution against Oerlikon’s own KPI’s as part of its efforts to create a strong learning culture. The optimized solution increased active users from 23% to 98.9%, with average time on site skyrocketing to over 27 hours from a meager 2.82 hours. Learning assets accessed in the Platform increased from 5,439 single activities to 11,141 and 91% of learners said GlobalEnglish improved their English at work.


Tata Consultancy Services was looking to move away from traditional instructor-led training to a more flexible program that allowed employees to acquire new skills on their own time, at their own pace and in their own space. They also wanted a program that would quickly show demonstrable Business English improvements in the workplace. Surveys showed at least a 20% improvement in working relationships and productivity and a 33% improvement in time efficiency and customer satisfaction. 71% of learners successfully advanced by at least one learning level in four months, exceeding expectations of a normal course deployment. Tata is also working with us to enhance its employee experience and strengthen community engagement with a pilot program to offer subsidized learning for employees’ family members at home.


The optimized solution at Oerlikon increased active users from 23% to 98.9%, with average time on site skyrocketing to over 27 hours from a meager 2.82 hours. Learning assets accessed in the Platform increased from 5,439 single activities to 11,141