Your business relies on the right people to deliver value. Business English is often a critical skill that must be assessed for incoming talent, and an important component of programs designed to help develop your talent for the future.

Screen Candidates at Scale

Clients optimize global recruitment programs with fast, effective, consistent assessments that screen against specific job requirements. 

When English proficiency is part of the job, recruiters need to test for acceptable standards as early as possible within the recruitment process. The assessment process needs to be simple and fair for the candidate, efficient and objective for the recruiter and tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the roles it needs to fill.


GlobalEnglish worked with Access Worldwide, a business-process outsourcing company, to streamline its recruiting process while improving the consistency of its candidate evaluation. The amount of time spent evaluating candidates has dropped significantly, while the quality of the customer service agents has measurably improved. Staff turnover is down and customer service ratings are up. 


Store managers at El Pollo Loco helped establish a benchmark standard of English proficiency for servers in their popular chain of restaurants. Every new applicant is now given a 10-minute automated assessment based on the benchmark standard. Candidates take the test by phone or on-site at the restaurant with results available in minutes.


In a given week, Norwegian Cruise Line interviews approximately 300 candidates around the world and the company needed an assessment program that could apply spoken language standards consistently across all recruiting locations.

The assessment program we developed can be taken over the telephone in 10 to 15 minutes with results provided directly to the recruiter online, enabling them to objectively evaluate the critical success factors for customer service satisfaction that depend on language for the many different roles on a cruise ship.

Not only is the test more cost effective than any other solution, it is also the most thorough and accurate. It’s not often that you find that combination and this much value.

Philip Mabida, Training Manager for Access Worldwide

Attract and Retain Overseas Talent

International recruits prize Business English learning. Clients attribute higher top talent retention rates in developing markets to Business English learning programs.

According to McKinsey & Company: “Talent in emerging economies is scarce, expensive, and hard to retain. In China, for example, barely two million local managers have the managerial and English-language skills multinationals need. One leading bank reports paying top people in Brazil, China, and India almost double what it pays their peers in the United Kingdom. And a recent McKinsey survey in China found that senior managers in global organizations switch companies at a rate of 30 to 40 percent a year—five times the global average.”

Looking beyond basic salary, we’ve seen that access to English learning is one of the most highly desired benefits for aspiring leaders in emerging markets. They understand that English skills hold the key to career development in the global economy—over 300 million Chinese are taking English lessons. By building English learning Talent Acquisition and Talent Development programs we help organizations attract and retain top talent in emerging markets.


Because Deloitte offered such a comprehensive and effective English training program, we have been more successful than many companies in Asia in retaining the best talent. We are able to more easily attract good candidates so our recruiting costs are going down. We are keeping employees longer so we are not losing time and money with ramp-up. We are less dependent on expensive expats in our new markets.instruction is offered in 13 languages. And because they have account managers on the ground on five continents, we get great service at the local level. With GlobalEnglish, we needed only one provider for the entire global program.

Tony Gleeson, Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions, Deloitte

Build a World-Class Talent Bench

Provide your talent with Business English skills that allow them to work more effectively and deliver value globally.

In the connected economy, one of the key objectives of any succession planning program must be to identify and develop diverse talent to assume the leadership roles of tomorrow. A globalized economy requires global leadership, and a growing about of evidence is emerging to support the development of diverse leadership teams.

We integrate Business English learning programs with management skills training and workplace tools to prepare international talent for global leadership roles.



When Whirlpool acquired a majority stake in Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd, it added 4,000 workers at three Chinese manufacturing facilities. Whirlpool worked with GlobalEnglish to ensure that its Chinese executive leaders were proficient enough in Business English to actively participate in global meetings and confidently lead daily business with English-speaking Whirlpool colleagues, leaders and external constituents.


What I liked the most is that it is not just an online English course. It goes further as a tool for a global company to train their employees not only in English language, but also in business strategy—like integrating new cultures, marketing, meeting preparation, presentations, etc.

David Moya, Project Manager in Singapore for MAXAM