Your Partner in Turning A Business English Investment into Business Results

GlobalEnglish is a partner in learning Business English and in helping organizations leverage their learning to deliver better business outcomes.

The following list provides some insight into the kinds of situations where we know strong competency in Business English can prove a valuable skill for individuals, and for the organizations they work for.

Acquire & Develop Global Talent

Your business relies on the right people to deliver value. Business English is often a critical skill that must be assessed for incoming talent, and an important component of programs designed to help develop your talent for the future.

Screen Candidates at Scale

Clients optimize global recruitment programs with fast, effective, consistent assessments that screen against specific job requirements.

Attract and Retain Overseas Talent

International recruits prize Business English learning. Clients attribute higher top talent retention rates in developing markets to Business English learning programs. 

Build a World-Class Talent Bench

Provide your talent with Business English skills that allow them to work more effectively and deliver value globally.

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Business Operations & Efficiency

Global organizations cannot afford slow reaction times, low quality performance or wasteful processes. Many organizations think of Business English as infrastructure for efficiency.

Drive Global Collaboration

Unlock the ideas of your entire workforce by driving global collaboration in Business English.                                             

Improve Customer Service

Better Business English = better customer service, by phone, online chat or face to face.

Increase Productivity

Clients report productivity gains of 1-2 hours per week, per employee, as Business English proficiency rises.


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Prepare for International Business

Organizations that want to engage in the connected, global 21-Century economy, need to consider Business English as a cornerstone skill will help them meet their goals.

Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

Get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction fast, by eliminating language and cultural barriers from international mergers and acquisitions.

Lead with Confidence

Improve the ability and confidence of leaders presenting to global audiences with fast track learning and executive coaching.

Open an International Location

Manage logistics, negotiate with confidence, and effectively recruit local talent. Make sure your team is able to work local but stay connected to the organization’s global knowledge base.

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Learning & Development Digital Transformation

With a global workforce, you can’t afford to bring you key talent together and teach them in a classroom. Today’s learning lives on personal devices. You need a Business English solution that meets your learners where they live and work.

Create a Program Accessible to All 

Build Business English proficiency across your entire workforce with cost-effective self-paced learning.                                                                                        

Optimize L&D Budgets & Programs

Centralize spend on a scalable solution that combines on-demand structured learning with personal advisory and coaching.

Measure Against Business Priorities

Program success measured against your organization’s key performance indicators.

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