Your Partner in Turning A Business English Investment into Business Results

At GlobalEnglish, we believe every customer and every learner is unique. It isn’t enough to put in software and hope that people use it. GlobalEnglish is a partner, not just in learning Business English, but in helping organizations leverage their learning to deliver better business outcomes.

Our twenty years of experience has spanned the Dot.Com era, global recession and financial crisis, and long periods of economic prosperity. We have worked with companies who are expanding into new areas and new countries. We have worked with companies who are rethinking their missions and how best to evolve their organizations. And we have worked with industries being reshaped by social and economic factors disrupting their products or services. In all of these cases, Business English remains an important investment for successfully navigating change, regardless of what that change may be.

The following list provides some insight into the kinds of situations where we know strong competency in Business English can prove a valuable skill for individuals, and for the organizations they work for.

Acquiring & Developing Global Talent



Screen Candidates at Scale

Clients optimize global recruitment programs with fast, effective, consistent assessments that screen against specific job requirements.

Attract and Retain Overseas Talent

International recruits prize Business English learning. Clients attribute higher top talent retention rates in developing markets to Business English learning programs.

Extend Your Potential Talent Pool

Recruit more high-potential talent by making Business English learning part of your on-boarding and development programs.

Business Operations and Efficiency



Drive Global Collaboration

Unlock the ideas of your entire workforce by driving global collaboration in Business English.

Improve Customer Service

Better Business English = better customer service, by phone, online chat or face to face.

Increase Productivity in Every Market

Clients report productivity gains of 1-2 hours per week, per employee, as Business English proficiency rises.

Preparing for International Business



Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

Get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction fast, by eliminating language and cultural barriers from international mergers and acquisitions.

Lead with Confidence

Improve the ability and confidence of leaders presenting to global audiences with fast track learning and executive coaching.

Open an International Location

Recruit local to go global with confidence by using Business English to align regional experts with global standards.

Learning & Development Digital Transformation


Create a Program Accessible to All

Build Business English proficiency across your entire workforce with cost-effective self-paced learning.

Enable Diverse Teams to Flourish

Reap the benefits of global thinking by connecting culturally diverse teams through the common language of Business English.

Build a Talent Bench to Take on the World

Transform your best talent from around the world into your next generation of global leaders with accelerated learning and executive coaching.