Leverage Technology for a Truly Blended Learning Experience

Truly Blended Learning Experience Today’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) and issued four critical calls to action for learning technology. According to Brandon Hall: “Despite being around for the better part of two decades, organizations are just now coming around to the 70:20:10 concept.” Their research has found that 43% of learning still takes place in a … Continued

Learning Employees Are in Charge

In this short series, we take a look at this year’s top learning trends, and analyze what they mean for talent management professionals and global employees. Learning the Key to Success Organizational learning continues to be a business priority for more than eight out of ten (84 percent) executives and HR leaders. Learning is seen … Continued

Communicating clearly: A worthwhile endeavor

Communicating clearly An idea is only as good as the person who articulates it. If a person can’t sell his or her good idea to a needed investor, then the idea is wasted. This happens in business all the time, all around the world. In a recent study from the University of St. Gallen in … Continued

Being Bilingual Leads to Better Business Decisions

People fear losing what they have. At least that’s what a recent study showed. Loss aversion can lead to short term decision making that leaves no regard for long term outcomes. The mindset, however, is not permanent. By adopting a second language, the same study demonstrated that people could overcome their natural tendency to see only … Continued

Time to Deliver for LMS Technologies

LMS Technologies Technology continues to transform the way we work and the way we learn. But when it comes to Learning Management Systems (LMS), the promise continues to outweigh the reality according to a new report from the research team at the Brandon Hall Group. While technology represents about 28% of an organization’s overall learning … Continued

The New Language of Talent Management

The New Language of Talent Management According to the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab: “Capital is being superseded by creativity and the ability to innovate – and therefore by human talents – as the most important factors of production.” This view is underlined by CEOs in every industry, with recruitment and talent … Continued

Chinese Business English is Changing the Rules for Global Usage 

Chinese Business English is Changing the Rules  In China, as in much of the world, English is emerging as the common language for business. Due to the sheer size of the market, Chinese English speakers are beginning to exert an influence on linguistic norms, pulling English into new directions not envisioned by native speakers. Wenpu Wang and Lin … Continued

The Key to Rapid Learning? Pace Yourself

Elearning These days it’s common to binge-watch a TV series, streaming episode after online episode until you’re finished. It can be tempting to take the same approach with elearning modules. It’s certainly possible power through one after another until you complete the course. However, if your objective is to actually learn the material quickly rather than just … Continued

In South Africa, Business English Unites a Multicultural Society

Business English South Africa has one of the most vibrant economies on the Continent and has long been an engine for regional growth, entrepreneurship and technology innovation. One way that the country has overcome a history of racial division and tribal conflict to sustain this leadership is through a balance between respect for the linguistic heritage of … Continued